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Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

Providing custom design and installation for all kinds of electrical jobs.  All done with precision and quality.   We have in house certified engineers that can design, install and approve any residential and commercial size project.
What ever the task, you can count on Eyekandi Solar to pay attention to every detail and get the job done right.
We have over 18 years of experience in Chiang Mai alone.


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What We Do at EyeKandi Electrical

Our qualified team will customize your project to best suit your needs.


Our in house engineering team can create new or modify an existing electrical design to suit your personal needs.    We will assist you in lighting design and floor plan design.   We can create a complete load panel schedule, certify drawings, install and apply for utility grid meter approval and connection.

No matter what your electrical needs are, 

EyeKandi Electrical is here to provide 

prompt, reliable no-nonsense service 

giving you the peace of mind you deserve.