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PTT Thailand, to Invest in Solar Storage

PTT Thailand, to Invest in Solar Storage 3

A big energy shift from grid to solar is now encouraged, as PTT invests in solar storage systems.

PTT – Thailand’s major Oil company is encouraging the population to install solar on their roofs at home, and either invest in batteries or have a hybrid system for the evening and night time.

“PTT president and chief executive officer Tevin Vongvanich said that the solar rooftop market has strong potential for growth as the Ministry of Energy encourages people to install such electricity generating equipment at home.”

Storing solar energy captured during the day to provide electricity for use at night is advised.

PTT Thailand, to Invest in Solar Storage 2

“We are studying investing in the production of energy storage equipment and systems, which are now in the development stage,” said Tevin.

Global Power Synergy Plc (GPSC) has recently made an agreement with 24M Technologies which will commence in 2019 to manufacture Li-ion Batteries in Thailand. These batteries would especially be for the solar storage from the power generated by people in their own homes as well as solar farms.

GPSC recently dove into the Japanese energy business with last year’s new development of a 20.8 mega-watt solar power farm in Ichinoseki at the cost of 10 billion yen (Bt3.011 trillion). The plant is scheduled to start commercial operation in the 4th quarter of this year (2017) and will supply electricity to Tohoku Electric Power  company, under a 20 year contract.

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