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Power bill is going up – time to invest in solar

“The monthly electricity bill during the September-December period this year is expected to rise by 2.5% to an average of 3.59 baht per kilowatt hour, up from 3.50 baht per unit, because of the rising fuel… “

Power bill is going up - time to invest in solar 2

A power pole is being repaired on Bamrung Muang Road in Bangkok. Monthly electricity bill for the September-December period is expected to rise to 3.59 baht per unit. APICHART JINAKUL

The cost of solar in Thailand, and globally has been on the steady decline over the past couple of years. The installation cost of solar panels has decreased from approximately $8 USD per Watt in 2010 to less than $4 USD per Watt in 2017. While the total installed price of solar has continued to decline, the price of the solar panels or modules themselves has remained relatively flat since 2012, indicating a decline in non-module costs.

Power bill is going up - time to invest in solar 3

Yes it is true, electricity from the grid in Thailand is still the cheaper option. But how sustainable is it? As soon as you make the investment into Solar, the more you’ll stop losing, and the more you will gain.

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Read the below article which explains the price increases of the power bills for residential use, and you might see a need to make the investment sooner rather than later…

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