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Thailand goes hybrid while prices hit Malaysian solar

A great overview of the ASEAN region’s solar status was given by Franck Constant, president of Constant Energy, when an interview took place between him at PV Tech.

A lot of excitement is in the air as the approach of the Solar and Off-Grid Renewables Southeast Asia conference in Bangkok, next month.


The rooftop corporate PPA market is the solar sector which has the most recent development. “The solar equipment and EPC prices have gone down to a point now where, with average electricity prices and the level of irradiance, you can actually offer savings to Thai industries by selling them solar power during the day.”

Thailand large-scale solar

A hybrid programme is in the mix for next year, 2018, which will involve batteries.  “For this programme you can get projects with a PPA as long as your power is produced by a renewable source, such as solar, biomass or wind, and you are able to maintain a fixed output during the day.”

The largest impact on solar in the ASEAN region over the last 12 months

The item on the top of the list is the sudden price increase of Chinese solar panels.

The Indian market was burned by the price increases and probably suffered the most, but in Southeast Asia it is most likely to affect the Malaysian market because they have a lot of capacity, up to 500MW, due to come online by a June deadline.

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