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Will Thailand be the next major electric vehicles manufacturer?

Incredible news has graced us recently with the word out that Thailand will have 1.2 million electric cars on the roads by 2036!

Thailand is quietly but successfully becoming the forefront in electric vehicle (EV) production and technology in the ASEAN region, as they have recently received investment from some of the biggest auto manufactures namely BMW, Nissan, and Toyota.

The Thai authorities are completely on board with this move toward environmentally friendly vehicles as this shows in the waiving of tariffs for imported EVs, offering incentives for EV part manufacturing and assembly, as well as promoting the establishment of charging stations nationwide, as we have seen in one of our previous blog posts: EA to build charging stations.

The approved tax incentives will promote production of 3 types of electric cars including hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and battery electric vehicles.

Thailand board of investment

Thailand board of investment

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EA to build charging stations – Bangkok Post

An S.E.T listed renewable energy firm, Energy Absolute Plc (EA), has announced their plans to develop and operate charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) for the first time in Thailand, allocating 600 million baht to set up charging stations nationwide over the next couple of years.

An electric car being charged at PTT's electric vehicle charging station, which opened earlier this month on Chaiyaphruek Road, Nonthaburi. KITJA APICHONROJAREK

An electric car being charged at PTT’s electric vehicle charging station, which opened earlier this month on Chaiyaphruek Road, Nonthaburi. KITJA APICHONROJAREK

With huge development of the EV sector, Thai people are expecting to see EV charging stations across the country within the next two years. EMN has launched two charging stations as pilot projects since midyear at Siam Paragon and Siam Center (Bangkok), which provide charging service free of charge until October this year.

The EV charging rate is expected to be in line with the electricity rate approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission recently.

The government policy calls for 1.2 million units of EVs on the roads by 2036, up from only a handful now.

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PEA opens electric vehicle charging point

Are you an owner of an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

Head on down to the Provincial Energy Authority (PEA) office in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand to charge your electric vehicle for free! The charging station has a “quick-charge” technology which is able to recharge the battery of an electric vehicle for a 100-km run in about 20 minutes.

More of these charging stations will be opening up soon, 11 in total. Look out for two stations in the North, three in the South, two in the East, one in the West and two in the Northeast of Thailand.

PEA opens electric-vehicle charging station in Nakhon Ratchasima

PEA opens electric-vehicle charging station in Nakhon Ratchasima

Soon you will be able to find these stations around the country along the major tourism routes and the PEA will launch an app to allow electric car owners to learn details about the stations.

Until the end of this year, charging your electric vehicles will be free of charge, between 6am and 1pm.

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