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Electricity Rates to be Adjusted – Thailand

Updates needed for Base Factor and Fuel Tariff rates

The ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission) has two categories of power calculation: The base factor, which is revised every five years, and the Fuel tariff rate, which is adjusted every four months. One of the factors which reduce power production costs include the declining development costs of renewable energy, particularly solar power.

Base factor and fuel tariff updates needed

Base factor and fuel tariff updates needed

For the development of the backup rate that was expected to be charged to Thai solar power developers, Mr Viraphol, spokesman for the ERC, said feasibility studies are being conducted to sort out that issue. He said the backup rate is unlikely to be imposed on Thai solar farm operators for at least two years.

Because of all the price changes in the Energy Sector, where costs are fluctuating and improving, there is a grave need to adjust these factors which effect the end-users pockets. Read this article to view how it is going to impact you!