Smart Energy Hackathon

We are always on the lookout for efficient and new technologies to bring to our customers. Efficient products, equal energy saving and smart living! We’ll be following this hackathon to bring our customers the good news on what new technologies will be discovered.

The Smart Energy Hackathon in Bangkok, plans to enhance software solutions for energy saving in Southeast Asia.

Smart Energy Hackathon, Bangkok

Smart Energy Hackathon, Bangkok

Smart Energy refers to the competent amalgamation of renewable energy sources, efficient distribution and optimal consumption.  Bringing together talent from inside and outside the energy industry, coders, and finance gurus will get us one step closer to a smarter, cleaner energy future.

Read the original post for updates and more exciting news about this event happening in a weeks time!

Find us at #smartenergyhackathon on Twitter and Facebook. This Hackathon is inspired by Powerhouse’s Suncode and Nexus India Hackathon and brought to you by GIZ, TechGrind, CU Innovation, KX, and CalCEF sponsored by PTT, ENGIE, PEA, Blue Solar, and Whapow.


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