Why PAC Heat Recovery Water Heater?

PAC Heat Recovery Water Heater generates hot water by using waste heat from air conditioning. Unlike typical water heaters that uses electricity or gas to heat your water, our system gives you hot water for free. In addition to free hot water, the air conditioner connected with the PAC system will reduce the electricity consumption by exchanging heat from the refrigerant and water ventilation through a condenser. The result is that your overall power consumption goes down by 30%. It also helps to extend the life time of the compressor unit.


PAC Heat Recovery Water Heater generates hot water from any split type air conditioner. Our high quality pressure tank with 2 layers of 2 mm thick walls, with high quality insulations, can store hot water for up to three days. The double walled construction also prevents heat transfer to the surface of the tank, that may be hazardous to the user.

The outer jacket and the element inside are made of Stainless Steel SUS316, also known as surgical steel. It’s durable, clean and non-corrosive through it’s lifetime. There are various sizes available for appropriate use. Please visit for a complete list of tanks we stock.


1.Hot water for free.
2.Reduced power consumption of connected air conditioning units, through increased efficiency.
3.Obtain hot water all year round by simply turning on the air conditioner.
4.By reducing heat generated from air conditioner, you are helping the environment.
5.Decrease the ‘Green house effect’.
6.It’s engineered from the strongest material, 316L Stainless Steel. Clean, safe and durable.
7.Engineered for long operating life time.
8.Only one PAC FRENERGY unit can supply several outlets all over your house.
9.Low investment. Payback in 1-2 years only.
10.Safety control valve for system pressure and also prevention of hot water back flush.

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