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Eyekandi Solar is a Chiang Mai based solar installation company. We install full solar systems, air conditioning and electrical in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and throughout Thailand.

Do you want to install a solar system on an existing property in Thailand? Are you preparing to build a new home or business premises? Please read our blog to learn more about green energy in Chiang Mai and throughout Thailand.

Eyekandi Solar Installation in Chiang Mai

Energy Ministry Has High Hopes for Thailand Solar

The Energy Ministry of Thailand has high hopes for household solar electrical systems to increase in coming years. The Bangkok Post reports this is mainly due to the global trend for rooftop solar and declining investment costs. The ministries newly implemented electricity buy back scheme also factors positively in this ...
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Image supplied by PV Tech Thai Solar Energy

Opportunities in the Thai Solar Energy sector

A significant increase in Thai Solar Energy since 2010 has seen a climb from almost nothing to a total of 3 GW of solar installations in the country! This already satisfies half of their target for the year 2036...  There have been seven opportunties outlined by the prestigious International Lawyers. Pugnatorius ...
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A village in Than To district of Yala, next to the Malaysian border, is one of several small pockets of private homes partially powered by solar energy, but the government now pledges a nationwide plan to encourage this form of alternative energy. (Photo by Patipat Janthong) Bangkok Post

Thailand Energy Authority give Private Solar Power Buying ‘thumbs up’

After a 4 year postponement, Thai energy policymakers have finally given the 'go-ahead' to start buying solar power produced by private buildings and households. The surplus solar power generated by private buildings and households (that are accepted by the programme) will be able to be sold to the state, and ...
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Eyekandi Solar Rooftop System

Deregulation of Energy Purchased from Private Solar Rooftops Expected

Solar rooftop power can be purchased by the DAEDE The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency is expected to propose a project to the National Energy Policy Committee headed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha next month, which is intended to purchase power generated from solar rooftops of households and ...
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The Eyekandi Solar Mini Yellow Truck which provides power for charging applicances

Review from Jai Thep Festival, Chiang Mai

We recently took part in sponsoring a local festival in Chiang Mai, called the Jai Thep festival! We teamed up with our partners from Kovert! A local Skateboarding brand and skate ramp builders with an awesome bunch of guys n gals. We supplied our mini yellow solar truck to provide some power-from-the-sun ...
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power of the sun_wandee

Power of the Sun

Thailand is becoming increasingly serious about solar energy. At Eyekandi Solar this is our core business in Chiang Mai and throughout the region. The ongoing development of green energy at a national industrial level points towards national, sustainable energy production. This article, originally published by the Bangkok Post, introduces one ...
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Toshiba Corp Solar Project in Thailand

Toshiba lands 6-MW solar panel deal in Thailand

Toshiba Corp Toshiba has a very impressive record of success in the renewable energy sector, supplying diverse technologies in the fields of system connections and system stabilisation. Based on this vast experience and trust in the industry, Toshiba photovoltaic systems are now available worldwide. Toshiba is contributing to society by creating ...
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Electric Vehicles are now a BIG DEAL in Thailand

'Interested in reading about the electric motor vehicle market in Thailand?' Thailand is moving forward With the huge trend of 'protecting our environment' from CO2 emissions, people in Thailand have caught onto the growing movement towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Battery Electric vehicles (BEVs). Soon, we might see the infamous ...
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